Fresh. Local. Healthy

Tucked away down one of the few dirt roads still around, is RockBottom Farm.

RockBottom Farm has been farmed the same way, pesticide and herbicide free since since 1974.

In the early days of the farm, Steve shipped fresh produce to restaurants and commercial customers in Vancouver and as far down Island as Sooke. As local demand for Steve’s produce increased the farm became known within the local restaurant circle for offering fresh basil, something few people were growing at the time.

Steve, is a founding member of the Comox Valley Farmers market since 1992. Since that time, every Saturday from May – October Steve can be found at the market. This year is the exception, with Covid 19 moving farm sales online.

Steve’s passion though…growing tomatoes! Steve loves tomatoes. Growing them, talking about them, tasting them and grafting them. He has continued growing the variety Rocket, developed in the 1950s/60s, when the original Rocket variety ceased to be available commercially. The seed is now available through Good Earth Farms, known as Merville Rocket tomato.

He is currently working to stabilize a late blight resistant open pollinated Roma variety he refers to as Sport.

Steve is interviewed by LIFT Comox Valley.

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