Covid 19 Pickup Process

  • We look forward to seeing you briefly and from a distance while we continue to serve our valued customers as we all work hard to keep each other safe during this time.
  • We are open for online order pickup only – NOT open for on farm shopping/chatting/tours of the farm
  • We will acknowledge you upon ditch-side (country version of curbside) arrival. Please do not enter the greenhouses or go onto the farm.
  • Please remain in your vehicle until we have finished laying out your entire order on the pick up table and have signaled that it is ready for you to load into your vehicle. 
  • Once you have loaded your order we kindly request that you head off promptly so we can be ready for the next person.
  • If someone else is ahead of you, please remain in your vehicle.  When the previous customer has left, your order will be laid out on the pickup table as above.
  • Please pay online prior to pick up.  If this is not possible and you must use cash, please have exact amount ready for deposit into designated container.  Please understand that no change will be available.
  • Extra add on items will not be available to purchase at pickup.
  • If you are a friend please understand that it will be even harder to keep these boundaries and we ask that you help us maintain both our safety and yours at this time by not asking us to bend the rules for you.